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Are you an investor looking to put some money into a cannabis operation or real estate?


Or are you a legal cannabis operator looking for debt options to bolster your company?


Is your balance sheet heavy with debt financing to the point an equity play is the most responsible next step for your business?


Calypso Ventures has the relationships to put capital to work for you.


How Calypso helps you be successful:


• Partnering on license applications for medical and adult-use permits.

• Providing capital, real estate, design and construction commitment for State license applications.

• Equity and/or debt placements in existing cannabis operations: startups, single-state or MSO.

• Sale-Leaseback of existing real estate to include tenant finish out monies.


If you are an accredited investor, owner, entrepreneur, start-up, or existing operator looking for investment opportunities or capital, or have any general questions, please email us at, or shoot us a text or a phone call at (405) 301-5344.

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